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Project List 3

Project No: 1 => Hotel Booking System

This will be web application where from any hotel can show case it’s rooms, services and hospitability on a web portal where from any body can book rooms and services from that hotel. It will have following two stake holders –

  1. Hotel
  2. User

Hotel will have following facilities –

  • Hotel Registration
  • Hotel Login
  • Change Password
  • Service Management
  • Rooms and Room Categories with Charges
  • Photo Gallery
  • Profile Creation
  • Booking, check in and Check Out Management
  • Billing and Payment
  • Reports

User will have the following facilities or features –

  • Registration, login and password.
  • Search Rooms
  • Book Rooms & Services
  • Billing & Payment Management
  • Feed Back and Review

Project 2: Idea Crowd Funding

This will be crowd funding portal where user can register their ideas regarding any project / business / product those will be displayed as show case in the application with details description and process with budget and other requirements. Where investors can invest or fund the idea with agreement.

It will have following two stake holders –

1. User: – register, login, logout, change password. with following activities –

  • Add Project / Business /Product Idea
  • Manage Documents
  • Add Required Fund
  • Management Member Details
  • Risk Management
  • Agreement Management
  • Restrictions for Investment.
  • Work Initiation
  • Work Progress Request
  • Work Closer /

2. Investor: – login, registration, change password, retrieve password. Investor can do the following activities –

  • Search Project / Product / Investment Idea
  • View / Study Entire Details
  • As Query / Presentation
  • Invest in Project
  • View Progress / Give Suggestions

3. Admin:- Admin will control entire application will have following activities –

  • Login, Change Password, Edit Profile.
  • Project Categories, Maximum and Minimum Fund Limits
  • City, Sate, Country Management
  • Rules Regulation for Users & Investors.
  • FAQ’s