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Project 1: CowBuffFarm

MyDairy is beautiful web application used by Companies/ Firms who raise cows and sales cow / buffelo and sale milk or milk related products online using web portal. It will have the following stake holders –

  1. Admin
  2. Company
  3. User

Admin: – will configure and control the application. He will block/unlobkc companies/users. Manage Master Configuration.

Company: – will login , registration, change password. It will do folloing major activities –

  • buffalo/cow management
  • food managment
  • staff management
  • Products Categories
  • Manage Subscriptions /Products
  • member / user management
  • user/member purchase orders
  • subscriptions management
  • payment collection /reports
  • daily milk inventory required
  • delivery staff management
  • disatpch /delivery plan
  • view user/member requests/confirmations

User :- can do login/change password. It can do the following –

  • Place Purchase order
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • REquests/ Complaints
  • Manage Payments /Make Payments
  • Reviews and Feed Backs

Project 2: IdeaFundu

This will be crowd fundding portal where user can register their ideas regarding any project / business / product those will be dispalyed as show case in the application with details descirption and process with budget and other requirements. Where investers can invest or fund the idea with agreement.

It will have following two stake holders –

1 . User :- register, login, logout, change password. with following activities –

  • Add Project / Business /Product Idea
  • Manage Documents
  • Add Required Fund
  • Management Member Details
  • Risk Management
  • Agreement Management
  • Restructions for Investment.
  • Work Initiation
  • Work Progress Request
  • Work Closer /

2. Invester:- login, registration, change password, retrive password. Investor can do the following activites –

  • Search Project / Product / Investment Idea
  • View / Study Entire Details
  • As Query / Presentaoin
  • Invest in Project
  • View Progress / Give Suggestions

Project 3: GrowPet.com

This is web application allow users and pet stores to sales/purchase pets, pet foods, pet accessories online. It will have following two stake holders –

  1. Store
  2. User

Store: – will have features to login, registration, logout, change password with following things –

  • Manage Product Category
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Orders
  • Dispatch Orders
  • Payments
  • Reviews
  • Complaints and Solutions
  • Return and Refund

User: will have featurs to Login, Regiser, Logout, Change Password and -Login, Registration, Change Password, Profile.

  • Search Pet Food/ Products
  • View Details and Add Review
  • Add To cart
  • Make Payment
  • View Order confirmation
  • View Dispatch
  • Complaint /Queries
  • Return and Refund.

Project 4: RelSoft

RelSoft is web based software where from any software company can plan/ desing/develop and execute softwre projects from remote teams (or remote team members). This software allow automate/work from home for software companies since it contains all the features required for every project management activity it includes stake holders/actors like –

  1. Admin :- admin will do following activities –
    • Manage Clients
    • Manage Projects
    • Manage Employees
    • Assign Project to Manager
  2. Project Manager:- project manager is resposible for the project assigned to him –
    • Create Team
    • Manage Modules
    • Manage Sub Modules
    • Manage Tasks
    • Assign Tasks
    • Manage Qureies
  3. Employee : – employee is who actually work on the taks and report the taks –
    1. View Assigned Task
    2. Report Task After Copletion
    3. Query Management

Project 5. Service Desk

  1. Admin :- will configure and manage the entire software. Admin can do the following things –
    1. Manage Country, State,City, Area
    2. Manage Professions
    3. Manage Service Users
    4. Complaint Main Category
    5. Complaint Sub Category.
    6. Item Type
    7. Item Unit
    8. Employee Management
  2. Service User: – is actual person who register the complaints for various servcie provided by company. Service user can do –
    1. Login, Register and Change Password
    2. Register Complain
    3. View Complaint Updates
    4. Provide Feed Back on Complaint
  3. Engineer:- is who will work on the actual complaint and provide the solution for the complaint. It can do following actities –
    1. View Assigned Complaint
    2. Provide the Solution for Assigned Complaint
    3. Close Complaint
  4. Employee:- is a person from the service provider company who can do the following activities –
    1. View Compalints
    2. Register Complaints
    3. Assign Complaint to Engineer
    4. Report Major Complaint
    5. View Complaint Updates
    6. Close Complaint /Dipose Complaint.

Project 6: TestForGeeks

Project Description:

This will be a web portal used by companies who want to conduct the online exam for the students, candidates and access their knowledge or talents. It will have to stake holders –

  1. Company :-
  2. Registration, Login, Logout, Change password, Profile.
  3. Master Configuration – Create Category, Subjects and Topics
  4. Manage Database/Question Banks – Add/Edit/Delete Questions
  5. View User Registrations
  6. Create Exam and Assign to Candidate
  7. View Exam Result
  8. User
  9. Registration, Login, Change Password, Profile.
  10. Appear for Mock Test/Practice Test
  11. View Scheduled/Assigned Test
  12. Appear for Exam
  13. Eval. Marks or Performance.

Project 7. Job Monster

Corporet Path is web portal which provides the comapnies to recruit the candidaes where as allow students to apply for job and get job. It will have two actors –

  1. Admin: – admin will configure the web portal it wil have the following things –
    1. Manage City, State, Country
    2. Mange Job Types etc.
    3. Activate / DeActivte Users
  2. Company : company will do the following activities –
    1. Register, Login, Logout, Chanage Password
    2. Post Job
    3. View Applications
    4. Short List Applications and Inform interview Schedule.
  3. User: user will do the following activities –
    1. Register, Login, logout, Change Password
    2. Search Job
    3. Apply Job or forward job
    4. View Confirmation
    5. View Interview Schedule

Project No 8: E Desk outsourcing

This is webportal where from companies can outsource their work (design, development) to any engineer or freelancer. Any freelance can search a work or job and apply for that job. It will have following stake holders –

  • Admin
  • Company
  • Freelancer
  • Web Portal

Admin: – define terms and conditions, activate / deactivate users and logins. Masetr management is job of admin.

Company: will login, register, logout, change password. Wil do following –

  • Manage work (Post/ Budgeting/ Time Schedule)
  • Define Work Steps/ stages, payment release schedule.
  • Manage Work Documents
  • View Applications, Candidate Profile, Assign work.
  • View Work Report, Generate Comflict, Release Payment.
  • View Free lancer queries and solve them.
  • Release Free lancer.
  • Close Work

User :- user will login, register, change password. User will create or manage his her proile. will have –

  • Manage Prfile (Education / Skills / Expereince)
  • Manage Work GAllery
  • Search Work, Apply Work, View Interview Schedule.
  • View Works Assigned, Generate work.
  • Report Work / View Complict and provide solution
  • Payment Complict /Solutions
  • Resign From Work
  • Ask Queireis and view solutions.

Web Portal:- web portal module will display all work details with various options like search, filter, forward to friend, display latest works.

Project 9 : PostMyGreeting.com

Post my greeting is web application using which greeting stores and users can interact with each other to sales and purchase the greetings. It will have three stake holders –

  • Admin
  • Store
  • User

Admin: will control the application by configuring it like blocking users.

Store : will register, login, logout, change password will do following –

  • Manage Greentings
  • Manage Gifits
  • Offers / Discounts
  • View Pruchase Oders
  • Post or Dispatch Greentings
  • View Complaints / Add Solutions
  • View Reviews
  • Generate Various Reports

User: – will register, login, logout , change password will do following –

  • Search store items – by categories, city and state.
  • Add To Cart
  • Checkout
  • Make Payment
  • Add Review
  • Complaints/ Solutions

Project 10: Future Stage

Future stage is web application used to collabrate the parents, students and school for the ease of admission process. This web application has –

  1. Admin
  2. School
  3. Parent

Admin: – Admin will do login and all configurations required for the working of the application which includes –

  • City, State, Country Configuration
  • Borads / Medium / Standards
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Activate or DeActivate Users

School: – will register, login, logut change password with following activities –

  • Manage Profile – Photos/ History/ Achievemtns/ Awards
  • Standards/ Medium /Boards
  • Facilities
  • Result Track Record
  • Admision Notices
  • Admissio Enquiry
  • Admission Process
  • Confirm Admission/ Cancel Admission
  • Queries and solutions

Parent: – will register, login, logout , password will do –

  • Search School
  • View Details / Add Reivew
  • Send Admission Enquiry
  • Ask Queries / View Solutions
  • Get Admission Cofirmation

Future stage is web application which enables parents to find the best school for his/her kid whereas school can use this platform to do the branding of school and reach to more and more parents. It has following actors –

  1. Admin: – admin is responsible for controlling entire application. Admin manages the mater entries like – city, state country, medium, education board, standards. Beside this admin can block and unblock schools and parents.  Admin also generate various reports like how many schools are registered by parameters like education board, between two dates. Admin can also generate enquiry reports.
  2. School: – school can use this platform to do the branding of school. School has following things –
  3. Manage Profile – history, school establishments, achievements and awards, academic track record.  
  4. Academic Profile – Mange medium, standards, Education boards, Facilities, intake capacities, fee’s structure.
  5. Enquires / Admissions – Define admission process and steps, view enquiries and reply to those enquiries.  
  6. Photo Gallery: – Here school can upload its photos.
  7. Parents: – Parents can search the school with parameters like area, education board. Parent can view entire details of the school and send the enquiries regarding admission process or any general enquiries and receive the replies from the school and can communicate the school using the platform.